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Cheap & Unsuccessful Solutions

Remapping and removing DPF are harmful to thE environment and the health of our children.

Our cleaning process is an environmentally friendly patented technology, gentle but rigorous cleaning results. It is a chemical free process not damaging the monolith block or precious metals in your catalyst.

Unlike cheap and unsuccessful other companies offering ultrasonic cleaning chemical treatments, or high volumes of pulsed water which cause damage to DPF’s and strip the precious metals. These companies cannot match our quality assured system thermal process.

They then go through our digital controlled thermal treatment to remove 100% soot content. Thermal DPF regeneration will leave your DPF 98% of a new DPF at a fraction of the cost. With years of experience at DPF cleaning and manufacturing throughout Ireland.

Do you want to see our children and their children looking like this?

remapping and dpf removing is also illegal

Your insurance company can reject a claim when a car is modified and shouldn’t be on the road.

Cost of repair

The cost of repair after remapping and removal is pennywise and pound foolish.

Further Problems

Chemicals are used to try and clear their DPFs, which damage the DPF itself resulting in us being unable to clean and having to buy a new one.

if you think about how this is supposed to work.
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First Error

They spray their chemicals in your sensor port and it sticks to your dry DPF, then results in DPF getting further clogged and hardins in the DPF and blocks even more.

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Firstly the chemical damages the precious metals inside the DPF. The power washer also damages the mono block.

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Second Error

Other problems occur when DPF’s are removed and left to steep in chemicals overnight and then washed with a power washer.

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Your exhaust is left very wet and your engine then is used which creates soot to try and dry your exhaust.

We offer a 12 month warranty on all turbos Exchange / Reconditioned Turbos (except competition turbos) provided they are fitted in accordance with the manufactures guide lines.